Required Club Uniforms



1. Begin by going to and clicking the TEAMHUB hotlink in the upper right of the page.


Enter the link


2. Enter your email address and password if you have previously ordered and click Login. If you are a new user please enter the requested information in the Sign Up portion and then click Sign Up. Do not register your child’s information. A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must be registered for the order to be accepted.


3. The first time you login you will need to “Add a New Player” to your account. Going forward when you login you will not need to re-enter any of this information and instead just select the player you are ordering for.


4. Once you select Add a new player it will prompt you to enter the group code (CKS20) for that player and hit enter. You will then just need to update all of the remaining fields and click Add Player.


5. After this initial set-up, choose the player you want to order for and the system will take you through the ordering process. Click on the shopping cart for checkout to review and complete the order once all items are selected.


6. If you are ordering for more than one player, please remember to go back after placing the first order, and choose CHANGE PLAYER in the upper right corner of the page before choosing items for that next order.


7. The confirmation page can lag after clicking submit order.  Please click that button only one time and wait until the order confirmation page comes up.


**The jersey sizes run close to expected sizes.  However, the shorts   DO NOT!  They run on the smaller size so please order a size larger than you normally would. **